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Thursday, February 14, 2013



I just found this company that I love I do not work for them but I  do love them.   The name of the company is called The Honest Company it was founded by Jessica Alba and a friend of hers.  They were looking for skin care products and cleaning  that they could feel comfortable using in their home for themselves and their children that had no chemicals in them.   This is skin care and cleaning products.  They even have it that you can sample their products free of charge you just pay for shipping. 
It can be for a Baby Bundle with Baby products or what they call the Family Essential Bundle. 
The Family Essentials Bundle is a mixture of 5 different products that they have picked out I think it has a trial size of a Shampoo/ Body Wash a Conditioner trial size of a liquid soap, Laundry Detergent unscented   and a Bathroom cleaner. 
You try them out and if you  like them then you  let them know and they will send out to you 5 different products that you  can change if you do no like the ones that they have chosen for that month. The cost is 35.95 a month plus shipping  but you  can just also just pick out one product to try out at a time also. 
I have tried most of all the products and love all of them.  They have just come out with organic cotton dish towels, organic dish brushes and also candles. 
The products are all  organic and they smell wonderful
I love the Shampoo/Body Wash it is the scent of like orange/vanila /lemon it is really a great fragrance. 
The Website is
They are also great to deal with and very helpful I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Thank yo u

Ellen Gaffney

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