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Monday, August 12, 2013




I just found a website for all kinds of all natural products and also items to make all natural skin care. 
The website is The prices are unbeleivable.
I just purchased  the 16 oz. unscented shampoo base which can be used as is as an unscented shampoo or you can add your own fragrance to it.  The cost for the unscented shampoo base is 3 dollars and ninety five cents. 
I also purchased an unscented bath gel base same thing it can be used as is for an unscented bath gel or you can add a fragrance to it and it was once again $3.95 for 16 oz. 

They also have essential oils starting out at $2.95 for .05 oz.  You can use this as a perfume oil or you can get it to put in for one of your shampoo bath gel or unscented lotion bases to put your favorite scent to it.

They have empty bottles tubes and jars at un heard of prices to make your own products.  They  also have candle making supplies.   It just is a fantastic site for all kinds of things you can make or just use the products as is. 

I tried their all natural unscented 16 oz shampoo base and it was fanstastic.  I did not use a conditioner even though they do have a conditioner.  I wanted to see how it would work without it .
The unscented shampoo base made my hair soft shinny and full of volume and for a cost of $3.95 for 16 oz this is just shocking even with shipping charges I am still saving money. 

The unscented lotion and unscented bath gel are equally as good as the shampoo. 

I am so excited with all this I never thought I would be able to get an all natural shampoo lotion or bath gel that worked for me that is this inexpensive. I purchased all these products with an essential half oz oil and paid with shipping charges $26.99 which I  think is outstanding

Always with getting products all natural and gluten free for skin care or even food you always have to pay more but with this company you  do not have to pay more and you get results that are just fantastic.

If you want great products for skin care that really work and not have to pay a fortune for it then this is the site to go to. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

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