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Thursday, July 28, 2011



Hi , I am a type 1 Diabetic my current insulin pump that I was using which is the Animas 2020 was out of warranty.  I went through the procedures to get a new insulin pump for my Diabetes control.
Generally insurance companies will not replace an insulin pump that is out of warranty until there is a problem with the pump that you are using.
My pump did have a major problem with it so I was able to get another pump
I chose the Animas  One touch Ping,  I love love this insulin pump
They have with the pump a One Touch Ultra blood glucose machine.  they are two separate machines but the coolest part is that they wirelessly go together.
When you get your One Touch Ping Insulin Pump and One Touch Ultra Meter you program them so they work together as one.
You test your blood sugar with the One Touch Ultra Meter this simultaneously goes to your insulin pump then it will direct you to if you want to do a EZ Carb  which means that if you are planning to eat something you would put into the meter how many carbs you will be taking for that particular meal or you can go to your EZ BG which means that you put in the blood sugar that you just did with your blood sugar to determine if you need more insulin to have ideal blood sugars.
For instance if I am having breakfast and my blood sugar is 128 and I am having 50 grams of carb for breakfast the meter will program me as to how much insulin I should be taking to have my blood sugars stay in good control.  I decide if that amount is good for my settings and say yes give that much insulin.
The amount of insulin that  was  programed into the One Touch Blood Glucose meter is then programed to go to the One Touch Ping Insulin pump and gives out that much insulin.
This is almost fun to do all that I have to do to have good control with my Type 1 Diabetes
You can see how this works by going in your search engine and putting in The Animas  One Touch Ping and they will show you how this all works. 
I also like the Animus Company for insulin pumps because they are the only company that I know of that has in their pumps a food data base. At the present time the Animus Insulin Pumps does not have gluten free products but they are working on this to be a part of their pump therapies.
You can still program your insulin pump with gluten free items so that you have your own Gluten Free Data base in your insulin pump.
All you do is call the Animas  Insulin Pump Company  , the number is 1877 937 7867 which spells out 1877 Yes Pump you would then push option 5 and let them know that you have to program your Animus Insulin Pump with gluten free items .  They will direct you how to do this and how to down load the information that you put in on your computer to your insulin pump .  Once you have down loaded all your information with your gluten free items that you eat then everything will be there in your pump in your Food Data Base for you to have anywhere you go.
I am so impressed with Animus Pump Corporation, if you are a type 1 Diabetic  and a Celiac patient and take insulin for your control this is the insulin pump for you , to me it is more or less designed for a Type 1 Diabetic that has Celiac Disease.  I have not seen another insulin pump company that .  has a food data base in their pumps and that if you have a particular allergy to food that you can program foods in that food data base to become your own food data base system for your own needs  It takes a little bit more work to put the gluten free items into the system but it is well worth it to have everything you need in one system
The Animas Insulin Pump Company is located in West Chester Pennsylvania if you are interested in learning more about the One touch Ping or Animus 2020 Insulin Pumps just call once again 1 877 937  7867 and push option 3 to get started.  If you already have an Animus Insulin Pump but do  not know that you can download gluten free items into your insulin pump then you would call 1877 937 7867  and push option 5 and let them know you would like to know how to get your gluten free items into your Food Data Base and they will gladly show you how to do this.
The website  for the Animus Insulin Pump is 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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