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Wednesday, August 3, 2011



I just came across a soap company that gives out free samples  of their all  natural soaps.
These soaps are all natural and fragrance free
Their website is
They will have on the right side of their website an option to try one of their free samples of their soaps
You have a choice of their Dry Skin Formula or their Mature Skin Formula but their Mature Skin Formula does have Wheat Germ Oil in it
I just received my sample of their Dry Skin Formula and it really did help out my skin
I don't know know if it becuase of the summer heat or just that my skin is in over dry right now.  it is dry itchy and does not look the greatest right now.  When I saw this product I decided to try it since they do give out a free sample what do I have to lose and if I can better skin why not try it
Well it did a great job on my first try.  So far no itch and my skin feels and looks more normal.
You do have to pay for a flat rate for shipping for 2.99 but to me it is well worth it so try out one  of these  all Natural soaps and have your skin begin to feel and look normal again

Once again their website is and their telephone number is 1 916 652 7052
Their email address is
On their website these products are dermatologist tested for dry skin and recommended for Psoriasis and Eczema conditions.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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