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Tuesday, May 1, 2012



I just discovered this new process called Earthing.  I know some of you  are probably thinking this woman is out there well maybe I am but after looking into  this process I am convinced it works
When you have a chance go into  your web browser and put in Earthing and you too  will be amazed as much as I have been.
This is the process of getting back to Nature and quite possibly taking away the pain and inflammation in your body from chronic diseases like Diabetes like Celiac Disease and many other autoimmune diseases.
What you  do is quite simple you just go outside in the morning when there is due on the grass put your bare  feet into the grass and walk bare foot on the grass or  just sit with your bare feet in the grass for up  to 40 minutes.
Evidently there is electrical currents going through the ground that are good currents and you absorb those currents through your bare feet and they begin to work to rebuild your body
They say this process will lower blood pressure they even say to talk this procedure over with your doctor because you might have to lower your medications and it can lower blood sugars it can help you sleep better and it can take away pain.
They even say that this process will also make you look younger and feel younger not all bad for something that is free.  It also helps with losing weight because you  are losing the inflammation in your body so there is nothing for your body to hold the weight on
I have been doing for this for about a week now and love it, after I  am done I  feel more calm and I just feel less stressed.
There is a book on this called Earthing by Clint Ober Steven Sinatra and Mark Zucker it is really a great book and what do you have to lose.  It is something right outside your door and if it helps to make your body rejuvenate itself why not try  it.
They say in the book when you go to the Sea Shore and you walk  on the beach you  instantly feel better you think it is because you are at the shore and the sea air this is part of it the other part is that you have done the process of grounding yourself with nature the same way with what I am asking you  to try of course if you are a Type 1 Diabetic like me just watch where you  are walking so you do not get anything in your feet that might be harmful to your feet like sticks or other sharp objects.
Dr. OZ and Dr. Mercola have done shows on this saying how wonderful it is on your body.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


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