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Monday, May 28, 2012



                                               NATURAL REMEDIES FOR SKIN CARE


Carve down your favorite bar of soap , I myself love the natural home made ones but as they say whatever floats your boat
Put the shaved soap in a small container and set aside
When you are ready to do laundry all  you have to do is take  out your container of shaved soap and take out 1 table spoon of it then take out 1 table spoon of Washing Soda which you can find in your local grocery store in your laundry aisle, then take out 1 table spoon of Borax once again will find it in your local grocery store in the laundry aisle this is now your detergent mix together and put in your washer.  If you wold like a scent just put in a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil more or less to soot your needs and this is it.  If you would like a fabric softener add a half of a cup of baking soda .


Prim rose Essential oil just take a few drops of Prim rose oil and massage into clean hands and onto your face
I also like a product that is all natural from Loving Naturals , the website is she has an anti aging cream that is out of this world all I can say is that it works


Coconut oil I love this product it works for so many things I use it as a moisturizer a hair gel , and it helps out with fly a ways with the hair.  It also is great for having extra shine .  Just rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hands then onto your hair or what ever you need for some deep moisturizing and deep conditioning


When you are in the beginning stages of a Toe Nail Fungus you  can use Menthol Ointment on the toes this works I use a natural one from Skinners Vaprorizing Salve I know last year they were giving out free samples of their product .  I love it it also helps out for minor aches and ;pains from muscle soreness and minor joint pains.  The telephone number for skinners is 1877 475 7416, the website is  This product also helps  out with bruises, stuffiness  in the nose from colds or allergies, it also helps out with scratches and insect bites.  

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney  

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