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Saturday, May 5, 2012



                                                                           TOOTH SOAP

Once again something a little bit out there but the newest craze for dental care is Tooth Soap
I saw this because I was looking for a more natural tooth paste.
I have tried a few and thought they were ok but i wanted something even more natural.
I found this product and it really excited me and it also was a little bit afraid at the same time.  It made sense to use this product for proper brushing of my teeth but it also I was  not sure if I was making a mistake.  After further reading about tooth soap ,,  I felt like I was making the right decision.  Countless people were talking about the benefits of ditching regular tooth paste and getting tooth soap.  They said that it was much more natural and that if you had sensitive teeth this would help if you had any dental issues at all this product could save you a trip to the dentist.
Countless customers said that they had gingivitis and it made their gums normal again.
After hearing all this and seeing that it was gluten free I was hooked .
I thought well it will probably taste really bad but when I got it it really taste ok.  .  Your moth and teeth just feel really clean.  
There are a couple different forms of this, you can get it in drops  which you would just put one to two drops on your tooth brush and brush away.  You can get it like a tooth past and this form you just put it on like a tooth paste, but you only use a pea size or you can get it in shreds .  This you just place 1 shred on your molars bite down for a few minutes wet your tooth brush and begin to brush, of  course rinse your moth when you are finished.  .
It comes n a few different flavors which is nice
I began looking for more natural tooth paste when seeing that a lot of times in articles they were saying that Flo ride is not good for you and that the other things in tooth paste are not good for  you either so this is how I began my search for a good natural tooth paste that would help my teeth and gums.
You will have to make your own decisions with this but for me I am really interested in this form of a natural product.  The ingredients in the tooth soap I bought are as follows Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil,Coral  Calcium , Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Spring Water and essential oil.  I did the Spearmint  Flavor
There are many different websites for this I found this at
You can go online and go to your search engine and put in Tooth Soap and get all the  information on Tooth Soap to form your own opinion

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney  

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