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Saturday, July 13, 2013




I was trying to find a Shea Butter that was all natural and soothing to the skin.
I had heard a lot of good suggestions with using Shea Butter.
Shea Butter is an all natural emoliant moisturizer.  You do have to be careful if you are allergic to nuts while using this product.  They say that it is not recommended if you have nut allergies.
This is the one thing that I am not allergic to.  I went online and looked at a lot of Shea Butters, I decided to just go to Whole foods Market and take a look there.  I  hate with a passion paying for shipping charges so I wanted to see if I could find a good Shea Butter at my local Whole Foods Market. 
What I like about Shea Butter is that it is like Coconut oil that it is in a solid formation and when you take a little bit out and rub it in between your fingers it turns into an oil that sinks into your skin instantly.  Shea Butter also helps out with wrinkles and it is a natural sunscreen.

I went  into  Whole Foods Market searching for the one I wanted for my Shea Butter quest.
I found it it was from this company Green Pad Living .  I purchased their Shea Butter Soap and their 4 oz. Raw Shea Nut Butter Bulgaarian Rose Butter. 
This was reccommended to me from one of the personell at the natural skin care department. 
I was excited to try out these  products.  I wanted to use it as an all over moistuizer and a moisturizer and protector for my face.  I love love it.  Like I said before take a little bit out the size of a pea rub it in between your finger tips and rub it into your skin.  I also use the Shea Butter as a leave in conditioning detangling shine emoliant for my hair.     It sinks right in and gives you a natural glow.  My skin in my face instantly looked refreshed well moisturized and soft as a babies bottom so to speak.   Shea Butter naturally is a sunscreen property in it.  This would be equivalant to a sunscreen that  was a SPF of between 4-6 .  I love this I do not like to use sunscreens because from the Celiac Disease I am deficient in Vitamin D, so when I heard tha tthis can be used as a natural sunscreen I was thrilled.  I know it is not much of a SPF but you can also mix coconut oil with it this is also a natural sunscreen if you want a higher SPF and their other naturla ingredients that you  can find to use.    I am happy just using the Shea Butter My skin in my face looks fantstic  and the small lines in my face are diminishing
I also like Shea Butter because it also good for any skin irritation such as bug bites bug stings cuts and if you do get a sunburn Shea Butter puts the moisture back into your skin to make your skin feel better. 
It is  very easy to use a little goes a long way  and I like that this company is in Pennsylvania. 
The Shea Butter soap is like sinking into  a batch of loveliness.  Your skin just feels like it just got washed down with an extra barrier of forgiveness and softness that stays until the next time you use it.  It feels like your  tub or shower has turned into a natural running  spa for your body.  As they say it feels good and knowing it is all natural is the best.  They have 7  other natural  soaps that are also really good   they are as follows. 
Coconut  Milk Soap
French Clay Pumice Soap
LemonGrass Soap
Gluten Free Oatmeal Srub Soap
Peppermint Skye Soap
Pure CastileSoap
Shea Butter Soap.
I am huge fan now for the Shea Butter Soap and the Raw  Shea Nut Butter Bulgarian Rose. and all the products from Green Pad Living Products.   I just learned they  will be phasing out of the Whole Foods Market but you can purchase them online on their website.  Their website is  You will not be sorry they are worth it.  They are like owning a pot of gold and holding onto it knowing that you have a stash of goodnes in the pam of your hand. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

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