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Saturday, July 27, 2013



I am on Lindkin for Avon  , Miabella Candles and my volunteer work I do for Celiac Disease.   
A Representative Lisa Minogue from Apriori Beauty  sent me an email for me  to try some samples of   hers . from Apriori Beauty Products.    She asked me if she could send me out some sample  products to try and if I could to do a blog about the products on my Celiac Blog.     I let her know if I do not llike the products I will not write a blog about the products.  The reason why I have done this practice is not to help the company out but that I  have so many sensitivities that I do not think it is fair to my readers to put something in that is negative when they might have a positive reaction.  So if I have  a reaction to a product then I  just will not write about it.    She assured me that was  more  then fair she just wanted me to try them
Apriori Beauty products are based out of California, they are a relatively new company.  .   
After going to her website which is and her email address is   I saw all the products and thought if the products work as well as the captions have  stated about the products I am in love. 
Their shampoo is called Vivid it is suburb it is for all hair types and it is all natural , unscented and of course Gluten Free and Vegan.  When I  washed my hair it  was like being in a spa even though it was just my kitchen sink. 
The conditioner is called Vivid also and it is also all natural unscented Gluten Free and Vegan
I combed my hair out and waited for it to dry.  Usually I wait until it dries then I begin my styling routine  
I was surprised when I looked in the mirror I was like is that really me,  my hair looked like I  just did a soft hair set there was so much body to it and the softness and shine
I was a happy happy camper just to wash and wear is not something I usually do.  Usually I have to let it dry then lightly hair spray it then put a few rollers in the front then take out the rollers and put a little bit more gel to it but with these products I just washed and let it dry and I was out the door

They have a 6 step moisturizing system which I love
Step Number 1 Cream Cleanser ( Deeply  Cleanses while protecting the skin )
Step number 2 Activating Tonic .
Step number 3 Firming Complex ( Stimulate Collogen and Elastin in skin )
Step number 4 Eye / Lip Age Erasser ( Reduces Eye Puffiness and Erases age lines )
Step number 5 Day Defense Plus Cream  has SPF 25 in it of course all natural ( Defends against daily exposure )
Step number 6 Night Repair 3 Deep (  Repairs and hydrates overnight )

This 6 step process is amazing it is like a facial routine with looking like you have just cleared out all your skin  imperfections .  It is like you have a concealer / foundation on even though you have nothing on but the 6 step cleansing system.  My face felt soft and looked magnificent.  I was talking  to one of my friends that I  have not seen for awhile and she asked me have you  lost weight .  You look great.there is something different about you , you always look great but now you have out done yourself.    What  is going on with you  ,  I  want your secret. I let her  know about the products I just received. .   

They also have a body wash called HydroBurst Moisture Intense Cleanse which really is great my skin really felt fabulous and they have a moisturizing cream called HydroBurst moisture Intense lotion which is suburb.  Along with the Celiac Disease I also as I  said before I am a  Type 1 Diabetic, it does not matter if it is summer or winter my skin becomes alligator skin.   The other day my skin was on fire itching and really dried out.  I put this lotion on instant releif and my skin is so much better.  It does not feel rough at all and no more itching. 
I wish I could get more of all of these products they are truly amazing, your skin  feels alive again and well pampered

They also have a weight loss system to help you lose weight and a nutriitonal system to help  you acheive all your nutritional  benefits that you need. each and every day and best of all it is also Gluten Free  Vegan and all natural   . 

If you  are interested there are opportunities for you for a home business you can contact Lisa Minogue and she can tell you all about becoming a Apriori Beauty Consultant or you can just go to her website and  order her  products from her  You  will not be sorry these products are worth their weight in gold .
Email Address;
Telephone number :  1 631 764 3522

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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