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Sunday, July 7, 2013



I  am an Avon Representative plus I am a Celiac patient as you know
Every year I call The New York Excutive offices with Avon
I request for that year the list for Avon's Gluten Free List
Every year this does take a bit of time to get

This year when I called in I was told we no longer have a list on hand
I was very upset by this and I was about to go rambo on the representative
The Avon excutive explained to me we think on the Excutive level to have all allergy products listed for that particular allergy on the websites for the customers since the customers   are the ones  who buys our  products
Ok then how does a customer find out what porducts are gluten free or even an Avon representative so they can give the information to their customers

The Avon Excutive said all they do is go to their Avon Representative's customer web page( for me this would be ) Most Avon customer website's are whatever the name of the Avon representative is that is your Avon representative. 
Once they are in there they would hit Shop My Store once there they would go to the search bar and put in the product or products that they want to know that are  gluten free
I tried this yesterday I went into my Avon Customer website and put in the search bar gluten free lipsticks.  There had to be about three pages of gluten free lipsticks  and you can purchase them right there.  They also have eveything you would like to know about the product the item number the ingredients and the price.  I did the same for gluten free foundaitons , moisturizers shampoos and there were a lot of products to choose from. 

I have to say I guess this is a better way so that the customer has the power to choose what they want and when they want it and have it shipped directly to them and the shipping charges are cheaper this way .  It only cost $3.00 for shipping and sometimes they have specials that you will have free shipping.  they will have a code to put in for free shipping .   . 

I know Avon products are not all natural but I  also know that some of my clientele just want to know gluten free skin care products that are good and that are not too expensive and do not care about the products being natural or not.  .
Avon is starting to come out with more natural products.  They just came out with Avon Elements for facial skin care products  that are all natural and hypoallergenic.  I am working with them to come out with a shampoo conditioner that is unscented. 

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

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