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Friday, July 12, 2013



I was at a family party last weekend and my cousin and I  started to have a discussion about hair products and soaps.
We were discussing what is  in shampoos condiitioners, and styling products.
We were both   saying to each other that the ingredients that are in every day shampoos conditioners and hair styling products is scary.  We both felt that it was even scarier what happens when you  get an allergic reaction to some of the additives that are in these products. 
We began naming products that we have tried that are all natural  and felt that were really good. 
I really felt that my list was gong to out shine his list. I felt that the products that I  have tried that I liked were fantastic and would not stand up against any other product.  I was wrong, I still believe in the other products but I  must admit the products from Morroccco Method  are unbelievable.
They are much better then what I had on my list

Morrocco Method's products have Raw Vegan Gluten Free Fair Trade Ingredients. 
They do not have much of a scent and the shampoos do not lather much but they work
You will not be sorry for trying out these products the only hard part will be deciding what shampoo /conditioner  to order but this is where the fun part comes in.  You try one set then go to the next and then mix and match them and you  can never be wrong with what you choose.  I
 am going to try out the Henna Hair coloring next I will let you know what I think but how well  the shampoos and conditioners worked I think I already know. 
My hair is soft shinny and full of volume. 
They call their shampoos condiitoners Element shampoos and conditoners
They have 5 different types of Element Shampoos and Conditioners

FIRE    Apple Cider Vinegar Increases blood flow to the scalp..  Flushes out debris, oil buildup and unhealthy bacteria This one is for all hair types

Water -  Sea Essence   Algae Spirlina Kelp and Marine Proteins nourish hair and scalp.  corrects Dryness Normal - Oily hair

Earth - Earth Essence Rich mixture of essential oils French Clays and Botanical Proteins. Promotes fuller thicker hair    Normal to Dry Hair

Air - Pine Shade Pine oil gently nourishes the scalp removes dandruff and itchiness counteracts thinning and hair loss this is for all hair types

Ether  Heavenly Chi  Natural Botanical Herbs and Marine Proteins dynamically energizes hair & scalp
this is for all hair Types

They have about 8 different leave in  Elixers to help promote hair growth and hair loss. 

They have a Diamond Crystal Leave in Mist Conditioner and a Sapphire Volumizer Mist Conditioner
They also have Euro oil this sophisticated blend of wild crafted oils nourishes and balances scalp PH for healthy hair growth.  It is also good for dry skin and chapped lips

They also carry all natural Henna Hair Coloring
Morrocco Method all natural Henna will not dry out your hair
Safe on Dyed or Bleached Hair
Covers Grey Beautifully
Condiitons and Fortifies your hair
Neutral Color gives High Gloss
Mix shades to create a unique color
The Henna Morrocco Method  Hair Coloring comes in 6 different shades of color
Dark Brown
Medium brown
Light Brown
Neutral ( colorless ) Just gives a high conditioned gloss to your hair.
They also have all natural Hair Sprays Hair Gels and Pomades  and all natural Boar Bristle Brushes
What I  like about this company is that they have 2 oz trial sizes for all their products and have great literature about each product so you know what to expect with anything you want to try
You can try them all and see which ones you like the most and settle on that one or just have a few different ones to go back and forth.  This way you can figure out which one you like the best and get the full size product at that time. 
I can not say enough about these products . Their products promote hair growth and bring back what is lacking in your hair to bring it back to what you once had in an earlier life.
You will  be surprised with how great your hair looks even if your hair is in good condition  these products will make your hair in even  better condition.    
Their  websites is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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