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Tuesday, January 24, 2012



I found out that this restaurant carries one of my favorite gluten free breads.
I decided to go in there today to pick up a loaf of a gluten free bread by Amarath Bakery located in Lancaster PA.  I was very excited.  I love this bread but I am not loving shipping charges so I thought I would go in get a loaf of this bread
I went in and when I asked for the bread that I had called earlier for the owner came out his name is Giacomo Giorgi.  he was so nice and caring.  He said that he is working to get more products in that are gluten free.  He said in the next couple of weeks he will be having a bakery located in Blue Bell called Sweetness come in with their products,   gluten free pasta and deserts and muffins.
He is looking for others to come and have on hand of their products for fellow Celiacs to come in and purchase
He also caters to Vegans too.
He wants it to be that this is going to be your one stop shopping for your dietary needs.
If you are interested in knowing more about the Sweetness Bakery they are located in Blue Bell PA 19422
Her email is
Buonissimo's are located at
700 Dekalb Pike
Blue Bell Pa  19422
610 270 9100
Fax Number 610 270 0708
This restaurant is so nice it is open from Monday - Friday 6 AM - 10 PM
                                                            Saturday            10 AM - 10 PM
                                                            Sunday               10 AM-   8 PM
The products from sweetness Baking are free of gluten Dairy Egg Peanut Tree Nut Soy and Sesseme
so go into Buonissimo's and ask the owner Giacomo Giorgi to tell you all the options that you have that are gluten free and of course if you want something that he does not have i am sure he will work his harder to bring it in as long as it is from a company that is in Pennsylvania.  Giacomo believes in supporting Gluten Free  companies within the state of Pennsylvania
Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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