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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I now have a website with Avon, my website is and of course I now have the Gluten Free List on it
You can see all the options under the heading About Avon, I have Avon's Gluten Free list there
It is nice to see that even Avon took the time  to form this list
There are some lipsticks , a mascara a few foundations and some personal care items  and of course some fragrances.
I work for Avon and I felt that I could  not use their  products before I knew that there were gluten free options for skin care and personal care.  I felt like I could  not really do the right job for my customers since I could  not try out the products to say if a product was good or not , now I can with the products that are gluten free.   .
It took some time but I finally received the  list and as you know I put that list on this blog but it also took me some time to think that it would  be more  beneficial for me to have a website so that you know that you know that I am careful with the products that are on my website.  What is nice is that I  have the gluten free list for our family of Celiacs but also friends and member's friends  can go on the web page and order for what ever they need without feeling deprived .  I love Avon I think  their products are great and they are so economical for these challenging times with the economy.  It is also nice that the make up and personal  care items  that I have listed that is gluten free does not cost anything extra even thought it is gluten free like you have when you buy food that is gluten free. I am also working with Avon to see if we can have more natural products that are gluten free.  I will let you know when I have accomplished this

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney
Avon Website:

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