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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cafe Moreno Shampoo bar by Chargrin Valley


Chargrin Valley soap products are all natural and a fantastic company to get products from
They really care about the consumer and they care what they put into their products.
I do not work for this company but I do love their products.
I just purchased the Cafe Moreno Shampoo bar
My birthday is approaching on Friday.  Every year I want to do something different with my hair.
Right now there is not much I can do.  I had my hair cut about 6 weeks ago and  the place where I went really botched the hair cut so I had to go some where else to get it fixed.  For me my hair was finally getting long but just needed a trim.  I ended up with a extremely uneven pixie cut so it is growing again but very short.
My hair is short and grey so I was not sure if I wanted to color it again.   . I decided on the Chargrin Valley Cafe Moreno shampoo bar.
This is all natural ,  the  ingredients are Organic Coconut oil Organic Clove oil Etra Vigin oil Organic Bassau oil Organic Shea Butter organic Fair Trade coffee Organic Avocado oil Organic essential oils of clove Patchouli oil  Yinglang Lavender and organic Rosemary oil   This shampoo bar is supposed to add dark  highlights from the coffee and cloves in it.
I tried it yesterday I  washed my hair  with it yesterday left it on for about 20 minutes then rinsed off.  What I was left with was tons I mean tons of volume shine and subtle high lights of darker hair through it.  It did look like I got a very light frosting without the damage.  My hair looks great.
There is a scent to it but also very light
My hair is so soft and shinny and full of volume with some great highlights.
This shampoo bar is a winner
The website is  They have a trial size for 2.99 and a full bar size for 7.99 plus shipping.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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