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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Microwavable Pasta Maker



Another product that I  love by Tupperware is the Microwavable Pasta Maker
I have not tried  this yet.   I  will be getting it soon but it has fantastic reviews and so easy to use.
I particularly love this product because it is once again BPA free and all natural.
I can not wait to get this because of not having to worry about gluten issues.
I have not had gluten free pasta for a while now I was too afraid of cross contamination.  My son and husband still eat gluten in the house hold.
We have a small kitchen so one side is for me the other for them
My family   occasionally uses the pot that I usually use to cook in so for awhile I just did not have it.
The Microwavable Pasta maker is so easy to use just cook strain toss and serve that is it
You can make all kinds of dishes with it.  It makes up to a pound of pasta at a time
This is to me a life saver for us Celiacs and what I  really love is that if you are traveling you can bring it with you .  Most hotels have microwaves in them .  You bring the pasta what sauce you like and there you have a meal that is economically sound and you  know what you are eating and is saves time
I love simplicity and this has it all.
The item number for this is 720 and once a gain it is on my website

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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