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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quick Chef Pro



As you know i just joined Tupperware and really love love  this company
They have a product called the Quick Chef Pro. It is fantastic it is like a multi functional blender in a green way.  When you blend with this device you do not use electricity it is all done by hand
In a way it is like the way it was in the earlier days.  I love it.
Even though it is freezing outside I have been making ice cream
It is so decadent tasting and so good without the guilt
I just put in some frozen unsweetened fruit like bananas strawberries pineapples Kiwi put them in the Quick chef Pro.  Then just put in about an 8th of a cup of  heavy whipping cream  I use organic whipping cream  sugar to taste and start turning.   You might need to put some milk to it for easier turning and some extra elbow juice but to me it is fun and if you have young children it is so much fun to make this with them
When it is the right consistency just take out the blades put into a container and into the freezer .   It is so delicious without being fattening.  If you are interested in ordering this it is item number 1249 on my website.  .

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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