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Monday, June 13, 2016

Omnipod Insulin Pump


I have not done a blog for type 1 diabetes for awhile so I thought I would do a blog about my Omnipod Insulin Pump
Love Love this pump it makes me  feel  like I have so much more freedom in life
The Omnipod Insulin Pump comes  with pods and a main receiver.
Once you put your Omnipod pod on you only have to have the receiver for blood testing and for when you would like to do a bolus
The Omnipod Pods  are wireless  There is no tubing to it at all
To me it makes better blood sugars  not having the tubing
My blood sugars are in better control
The nice part about this system it comes with a built in testing meter  in the receiver  so you do not have to carry as much it is all right there.
The receiver is not big but not  too small either and it is easy to read
The pods themselves are easy to put on and they stay on and can come off easy when you want them to.  I also like it that you can shower with them swim with them and still get all the insulin dosages that you  would like to have with out doing anything at all.    You just put in your bolus  and basal units  in your receiver  what you want when you first get your system and from there the receiver takes care of everything.  Another thing I like is once you put a new pod on the receiver transmits to the pod all the information .  So you can even leave your receiver at home as long as you have a Dexcom continuous system so you  know your blood sugars are when you are away from your receiver
this is particularly nice when you are going to a store or a friends house you do not have to bring a bunch of supplies with you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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