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Sunday, June 12, 2016


I just tried  a few of the products from my website  I love  love this company every product is home made simple natural organic and of course gluten free at great prices.  
I tried the Everything Salve this is fantastic it is good for bee stings rashes joint pain or anything else that deals with  the joints and skin of the body.
I have some moderate to severe pain in my ankle from when I broke it in three different places and dislocated it in l994.
Most of the time my ankle is ok but in the evenings it does start to ache particularly when it is about to storm.  I put  that salve on and in about 15 minutes no more pain and it lasts most of the night free of pain.  This product is also good for any type of rashes.  My husband has Psoriasis  at night he is in  a lot of discomfort from scratching.  I put that salve on and instantly  no more itches.

I also like their All Purpose Household cleaner they have a few different essential oil scents that you can choose from for this cleaner .  I chose their Spirited Mint.  It smells great it kind of wakens up the kitchen and Bathroom with a delightful Mint scent and it really cleans very well.  No scrubbing just spray and wipe and it is clean and it shines as well .

I adore their  Vista Spirited Mint air Freshener .  It smells divine with just the right  amount  of Aromatherapy Mint.  It cleans the air and awakens the air .  When yo breathe the scent of the Aromatherapy Mint it awakens your soul and gives yo uthe sense that everything is going to be ok.  

I just purchased their Hair Hero Lemon /  Rosemary Shampoo/Conditioner Combo .  Like I said I just purchased this and I just received it but it smells great

I hope you will think about trying out these products.  I love them and the lipsticks are great
Once again the website is

thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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