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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hair Hero Lemon / Rosemary Shampoo / Condiitoner



I wanted to let you know I just tried the Hair Hero Lemon / Rosemary Shampoo / Conditioner from my website    This is a hero of a shampoo.  I love love it.
I am rather a fuss puss when it comes to shampoos and conditioners.
I have certain guide lines that I want addressed in a shampoo / conditioner.
I do not want an over scented product, I want it to be natural organic and of course gluten free
I want it to make my hair pop with volume shine and make it look like I  just  came out of a hair salon and to have that look the next day.  Well this is my third day after using it and my hair looks just as good as the first day
There is so much shine and volume and it just looks fantastic.

I had a neighbor that came to me and asked where I  was getting my hair done that it looked great.  I told her I did not get my hair done but thank you I  just used this new product.
The scent is very light it is just enough of a scent.
Usually with shampoos since my hair is on the drier side I wash my hair and it looks ok but by the second day my scalp is ready for another wash but my hair could last a few more days   I am pleasantly surprised with this shampoo my scalp is fine and my hair still looks great
It is at a great price too it is only 11.25 for 8 oz. for an all natural organic gluten free shampoo / conditioner
My husband says no one wants organic natural products I say he is wrong help me prove him wrong.  Purchase this product and see how great it really is on my website  I wanted to let you also know that we have natural organic nail polishes for 7.50   that look great and have a wonderful assortment of colors.  We also have natural organic sunscreens and tanning lotions

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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