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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Everything Salve


                                          THE EVERYTHING SALVE

I love this product, it is particularly good for when you have pain from a given area of your body
This product is for anything that ails you from skin rashes to mosquito bites to bee stings to joint issues.
I use it for joint pains in my big toe. I just massage it is and presto no more pain
and it lasts a very long time sometimes up to 6 hours.
This is an all natural salve
The ingredients are as follows
Organic Olive oil Organic Coconut oil Organic Beeswax organic Calendula oil
Organic Comfrey oil Organic Honey Organic Te Tree Essential oil Organic Lavender essential oil Organic Peppermint essential oil and Organic Rosemary essential oil
My husband uses this for his Psoriasis
the cost of this product is 11.25 for 2oz.   It works and it is a wonder of a salve
You can purchase it on my website

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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