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Friday, February 10, 2012



There is a new Celiac Allergy Free Magazine and best of all the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has given a 5.00 coupon for a 1 year subscription and a 10.00 coupon code for a subscription for 2 years.
The price for the 1 year subscription with the coupon  code is 14.99 regularly 19.99
The price for the 2 year subscription with the coupon code is 19.99 regularly  29.99
This magazine  is very good and very helpful it has all kinds of information for Celiacs and for people that have allergies either from food allergies or from skin allergies.  The magazine comes out 4 times a year for the one year subscription. and it comes out 8 times a year for the 2 year subscription.
The website is and the coupon code for the 1  or two year subscription is org2178nfca .
You just choose if you want a 1 year subscription or a 2 year subscription and you will have the amounts taken off for whatever you choose.
Their email address is and their telephone number is 1888 771 7747
You have two ways in getting your subscription started you can go onto the website and put your credit card information in or you can go on the website and get the mail in form and send the mail in form with your check or money order

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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