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Sunday, February 26, 2012



The Kinnikinnick Hamburger Rolls are more then just good, they are great.
In most cases particularly when it comes to gluten free rolls they just do not taste like what you remember when you were able to eat gluten.  Oh you can tolerate them.  You say to your self well for a gluten free roll these are not bad , I can eat these, but these rolls are not that case, if I had to say one word to describe these gluten free rolls that one word would be real .  They do not taste gluten free they taste like hamburger rolls not gluten free but real hamburger rolls but they are gluten free and they are delicious.  I have not had a hamburger with a hamburger roll for so long because I knew what it should taste like and I have longed for that taste but knew I would be disappointed.  I usually do not eat red meat so this was a big choice to try this out and you know what it was sinfully good.  The hamburger roll was just out of this world good.  It tasted like a home made fresh out of the oven good roll.
They also have hot-dog rolls which are equally as good
One of the things I love about these rolls is that they are also extremely good for you too.
They are gluten free dairy free and nut free.
They have 5 grams of fiber 1 gm of sugar and 2 grams of protein they have 150 calories per roll
These rolls are in a word memorable,  from a time you could have gluten but you get the best of two worlds taste like a real roll with all the nutritional  value that you need when you have this disease.
The kinnikinnick  website is www. and their telephone number is 1877 503 4466
You will not be surprised with trying out these rolls you will be every bite you take weather it is the hamburger or the hot dog roll.  They are the real deal, try some for yourself and you will have like I had a great smile on your  face in utter delight.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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