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Monday, February 20, 2012



I just tried these breads and rolls and they are outstanding.  It so nice to have bread real bread that is just as soft of a bread that I used to have before I was diagnosed with having Celiac Disease.  These breads are more then just great tasting they also have great nutritional value to them.  Two slices of the bread have 5 grams of fiber to them .It has 150 calories  for the two slices of bread.
This bread is so good, it is soft and has a great taste to it.  You do not have to toast it to make it soft it already is
It makes fantastic sandwiches you will never know that there is no gluten in it.  You just get the benefits of having a great tasting sandwich and has fantastic nutritional value to it
The Hamburger Rolls  and Hot Dog rolls are also outstanding.
Right now the only way to get this bread is online but soon it may be in a store near you.
You will not be sorry with choosing this gluten free  bread it truly is a winner.
My favorite sandwich this bread is cashew butter and bananas it is so good.
The website is   Please take a look at their website and see for your self how great these breads are They have a Multi Grain Bread and a White Bread that is soft and wonderful.
I can not wait to get some more in to the cupboards.
The breads are free of gluten free of wheat free of Dairy and Free of Peanut but they taste magnificent.  Their telephone number is 1877 503 4466
You have got to try out these breads and rolls for yourself.  .

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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