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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Loving Naturals Skin Care products is just what the title states it is an all natural company that goes onto your skin in a loving way.  The products are 100% all natural, they come in scented and unscented. so you get to choose what goes onto your skin.  They have 16 different products to choose and they are in a word amazing . They  bring back youth  to your face, it is like getting a face lift without going under the knife and far less expensive.  If you are looking for  skin care  products that do  what they say they will do to enhance and bring back what you used to have you found it with this company.  The  cost of these products is very reasonable and best of all free shipping so how can you go wrong.
I first tried their Loving Naturals Unscented Hemp Hand and Body Lotion which comes in sizes 8oz. and 16 oz. and sells for 7.99 for the 8 oz size and for the 16 oz. size 14.99.  I loved it and thought I wonder if they have a face cream for those pesty little lines that come in when you become my age in your 50's,  sure enough they did I bought that  cream and I noticed a difference in about a week.  The lines that had formed around my mouth were disappearing and my skin felt alive again.  I was truly amazed.  I have tried most of all their products and love them.  They have an all natural Sunscreen Lotion that blocks UVA and UVB and is water resistant and it is safe for babies.  They also have an all natural insect Rellent   to help out when you are outside in an envirement that you want to be protected .  They have two different body washes one with Aloe and one with Hemp which I love.  I even used the Aloe Body Wash as a shampoo and it worked beautifully.
My hair was soft and without any tangles and had a lot of volume and shine.  They have two different lip balms one with an SPF 30 and one without and of course scented and unscented.
I love all these products but if I had to pick three of my top rated products that would be The Anti Aging Cream   ( this to me is the best product it works )  The Aloe  Body Wash ( it softens skin and makes it become more  youthful with every use )  and the Loving Naturals Hand and Body Lotion.  This  company cares about your skin , you will notice a difference for the better.
I have noticed a huge difference I love these products, I do not work for this company but I wish I did the products just do what they say they will do without any reactions  at least this is what they have done for me.
I do not know to many companies that have reasonable prices for their skin care products and offer free shipping.
How can you go wrong with trying out these products.  I hope you get to see the results that I have and love them as much as I do.
The website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney         

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