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Sunday, September 11, 2011



I love this line of skin care products.
They only have three or four ingredients in them, bees wax shea butter and coconut oil in various degrees to make different products
The Rash cream or diaper rash cream has the same ingredients but with zink oxide added to it.
The products they have is a Hard Lotion which is in a tin container .  this I love it is for really dry rough cracked skin.  You rub it on the areas like your elbows knees  ankles and heels  that are severely dry.  When you rub it on your rough skin the rubbing causes the hard lotion to soften by the heat of you rubbing making it sink into your  skin instantly. The bees wax sinks  into your skin to form a protective barrier on your skin so you won't have  such dry skin again and the other ingredients soften and moisturize your skin making it softer and softer. They have two sizes to choose from, this I really like you can try out the product in a 1 oz tin to see if this works for you .  the cost of the 2 oz. tin if 5.95 plus tax .

The Bees Wax Junior is the same as the Hard Lotion but a softer formula for more delicate areas .  They also have a small size to try it out the cost for this is 5.95
You just take a small amount on the tips of your fingers rub it together and it becomes a thin liquid oil to massage   into your skin A little bit goes along way.

Hair Butter this is for really dried out hair or course hair you just take a tiny bit out rub it together and massage it into your hair and scalp.  Once again  they have a tiny tin to try out this product for 4.95 .

The Rash Cream has the same ingredients as the other products but Zink Oxide is added to have more of a barrier to protect the skin.  This is perfect for Diaper Rash
It comes in a 1oz tin for 3.95

They also have a Celendula Soap to help out with dry skin. This is a 5 oz. soap , it is made up of Olive oil Coconut Oil Palm Oil Goat Milk Sodium Hydroxide Calendula petals

I love all these products  and best of all if you are a repeat customer after you purchase your 2nd purchase you will be directed to a page that asks if you are a repeat customer if you say  yes then you have a choice of a sample  product that you would like to try out with your purchase.

They do have larger sizes for all these products and they are not that much more for the larger sizes.  The shipping for the products is very low.  For the purchases I made it took about a week for them to come in but they are well worth the wait

They also have an all natural lip balm and an all natural Peppermint lip balm

The website is

These products are perfect for the winter months..  Your skin will be Purring like a happy cat for more.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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