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Tuesday, September 6, 2011



I love love this website it has everything , it is one stop shopping for all your  personal care needs..
Thi is the website where I told you  about the great detergent they have.  I just ordered and received their gluten free nail polish, hand and body cream and their nail polish remover all of these products are all natural and gluten free.
You go to the website  You will be directed to a website called
You will then go the heading on the left  hand side for girls products
I chose the Loving Naturals Unscented Hemp Hand and Body Lotion.  This product is fantastic of course it is all natural but it is a nice thick lotion a little goes along way..
It  is made from Purified Water Organic Sun Flower Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Gel Organic Vegetable Glycerin
Cele aryl Alcohol  ( derived from Organic Coconut Oil )  Organic Honey Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Organic Blue Green Algae  Sea salt with harvested Aspen Bark
This products sinks right into your skin without feeling heavy or greasy.  It instantly   feels like their is a barrier of moisture on your skin.
This to me is a perfect moisturizer particularly with the winter months coming out soon.  I feel like I am well prepared now for old man winter to try to do harm to my skin but I have my weapon of choice my new lotion Loving Naturals Unscented Hemp Hand and Body lotion.

I never heard of an all natural gluten  free  natural nail polish but I am so glad that there is one. To take a look at this you would go to the website again then go under the heading Natural Girl Products and hit the picture for the nail polish.  They will show you all the different colors to choose from..  The color I chose was Destiny.  It is a gorgeous color it is a pinkish Nude frost and it is really a very beautiful color..
The cost of the nail polish is 10.00  .  This is a nail polish that does not peel or chip. I love it it goes on very nicely..

All natural Nail Polish Remover, I never knew that there was this type of product wither but it does work very well and it is nice tha tit is all natural and made out botanical oils.  I am very much impressed with these products i hope you try them and I hope they do the same for you

Thank you
Ellen Gaffney

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