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Saturday, September 3, 2011



I just came across this all natural liquid detergent.  The name of the company is Charlies Soap
The website is  They are located in North Carolina and their telephone number is 1 800 854 3541
One of the reasons why I like this detergent is that they do have a lot of locations of stores that carry this detergent in Pennsylvania.  All you have to do is go online to their website ( and look up the  store locator on the headings of their website.
I am sure if you do not live in Pennsylvania you can find this detergent close to you just do the same as  if you would do if you did live in PA.  Go  to the store locator and put your zip code in and you will find stores near you I am sure and if there is not a store near you they will ship it to you.  I just like this option so you do not have to have the extra cost of shipping charges.
I like this detergent also because it is easy to use it is made of all natural ingredients and it has a premeasured amount to use to  clean your clothes.
It is a little pricey but the results are very good for when your laundry comes out of your washer.
The cost for a bottle of the detergent is 27.99 for 32oz. bottle but if it means no itching and no reactions I am sold.
Charlie's Soap leaves no residue that can make your clothes stiff and irritating and it is especially good  for babies clothes and for people with allergies or for sensitive skin issues
I did have some really nasty dirty clothes which I put to the test.  These clothes had blood on them for when my cat had gotten scared with trying to get a tick off him.   He scratched me silly.  He has super sharp nails and he had dug deep into my arm which put some stains on my shirt and I also had some real grungy  clothes from my son.  I thought this would be a great test for this detergent and it came out quite well.  The stains were gone
I was impressed with the detergent and best of all no reactions
On the bottle it has a statement  at the bottom of the bottle great for the following stains grease,  grass,  blood, red clay,  red wine,  food stains , tar,  odors,  pine sap,  and poop.
I was a little bit concerned that an all natural laundry might not take out the blood stains from my cat but it did do a very good job.  I did first pretreated it rubbing a little bit on the sleeve  and then putting it in the laundry..  It did come out and my sons clothes were out of their grungy stage so I am impressed with this laundry  detergent and best of all like I said before no reactions to using it which is the best reason to try it.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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