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Friday, September 9, 2011



Nugo Nutrition Bars

Some of these bars do have oats in them so read the ingredients they will say on them if they are gluten free
The ones that I am telling you about are gluten free. 

I just found these nutrition bars online under their website
These nutrition bars are really very good and of course they are very good for you .  I tried the Nugo Slim Bar which is a Dark Chocolate Brownie bar.  These  bars are low in sugar high in protein and have lots of fiber in them. The Nugo Slim Bars have 15 grams of Protein 2 grams of sugar and 9 grams of fiber.  There are 170 calories in this bar and the flavors for this nutrition bars are as follows
Dark Chocolate Crunch
Roasted Peanut
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

The Nugo Free Bars are Gluten free Vegan and Soy Free..  These nutrition bars are also Dairy Free  .
The flavors for these nutrition bars are as follows
Dark Chocolate Crunch
Dark Chocolate Trail Mix
Carrot Cake
The Nugo Free bars have 9 grams of protein 4 grams of fiber and 11 grams of sugar

Nugo 10 Bars
Nugo 10 bars anre packed with raw natural energy with three fruits 3 nuts and 3 and 4 seeds.
Nugo 10 is high in Fiber Gluten Free Diary Free Soy Free and is made in a peanut free society
The flavors for these bars are
Apple Cinnamon

Crispy Cat Candy Bars
These candy bars are Gluten Free and Dairy Free they have three flavors to choose from
Mint Coconut
Toasted Almond
Chocolate Sundae
They have 210 calories for each bar and they have 2 grams of fiber 2 grams of protein and 12 grams of sugar

I have only tried a couple of these nutrition bars but they are really good and they do take the edge off for when you are craving something sweet but with a good nutritional value to it and something satisfying .  These are the bars to go to. They are perfect for when you just want to take the edge off without sabotaging  all your  hard work with your diet

One of the things I really like about these nutriiton bars is that the majority of them are low in sugar high in fiber and are gluten free so it takes care of both worlds if you  are a type 1 diabetic type 2 diabetic and have Celiac Disease..  These bars will also be good to pack in your  kids lunch boxes so they can have a treat along with having good nutrition from it without them knowing they are having something great tasting and something that will help them from the inside out and it might help them learn more with all the protein and fiber in it. 

The website again is and they can be reached at 1 888 421 2132.  They are located in Oakmont PA. On their website they do have a store locator to check where you  can purchase these bars.  .

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney


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