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Thursday, September 15, 2011


It has in it 09/15/2011

I just received this bread, it really is a very interesting bread.  when you get it it is not sliced and it is round.  It   is a little bit smaller then most gluten free breads.
I would say that it is a cross between a Rye, Sour Dough and an English Muffin type of consistency
I do like it, I think  it would be nice toasted open faced and maybe putting some cheese and pesto sauce on it.
This could be very nice for a family  gathering with a nice wine
It also has almost like a touch of a cheese taste to it.  It is a very interesting bread and best of all it is extremely good for you , especially for diabetics that have Celiac disease.
It has 8 grams of fiber to it , 7 grams of protein and best of all 0 grams of sugar.
It has 68 calories and 0 grams of fat per slice.
It has in it Grains of Buckwheat, Millet, Brown Rice Teff  Flax seed ( Sprouted Beans of Navy, Black, Red Pinto, Baby Limas Large Limas Garbanzo,  Great Northern Kidney, Blackeyed,  Yellow and Green Split Peas,  & Lentils).  It also has in it Onion guar gum and Sea Salt .
They are located in La Jolla Ca.  There are a few stores in Philadelphia that carry this bread.  You just go to their  website which is and you put in your zip code and they  will let you know what stores carry it.
Their telephone number is 1- 800 98 BREAD.
I am very much impressed with this bread especially how much fiber and protein are in.  When you toast this bread it will be crunchy  on the outside and moist in the inside. This bread sells for 6.99 plus shipping.  If you like to try things that are different then you will really like this bread it is different but in a good way.
Guaranteed to make you think of it again and again.  I think this bread is perfect for the upcoming winter months.  It would be good on a cold winter's night with a good bowl of a hearty gluten free soup and this bread toasted by the fire with a nice glass of Vino.  I'm ready for winter now , I am prepared , all I can say is thank you to Julian bakery for making such a unique bread.  .

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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