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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



I love this company this truly is all natural the other ones that I have talked about with Laundry detergents were natural also .   This is straight from a tree.  The  product is soap nuts ..  You can look at their website
When you go to their website they will have on their an option for you  to try their Natural Laundry Soap free of charge, you just pay for shipping which is not much I think when I did it it was 4.94 and it came very fast.

When you  get your free sample which is scent free it will come in a little cotton bag .
It will  look like 5 acorns inside the bag.  This is what you use to clean your clothes.  You just place your clothes in the washer, make sure that the soap nuts  are in the bag and close the top of it and place it in your washer.  If you have white clothes to boost the cleaning add a little bit of baking soda.  Wash your clothes that is it . Take out the bag and you can reuse it up to 5 more times
On the website you  can push the option for other uses for the nuts and it will show you that after you get done using it for laundry you can place it in a container put some boiling water over it and let it sit for a little bit.  Once it is fully cool you strain it and this can be used as house hold cleaner soap for your hands or even hair wash best of all you have made it and it is all natural. This detergent is like getting 4 - 6 products for the price of one depending on what you decide to make of it.  I just think it is so cool that you have something that is unscented and all natural that you do the laundry with and when you are done that usage you still have other options that you  can make for skin care or for house hold cleaners.  It just totally amazes me on what you can do with this one product.

If you can tolerate scents you can add essential oils to it to have the fragrance that you  would like for your laundry or for your soap that you make up which would make a nice gift for someone.  If you end of making the soap you can put it in a real  nice container put the fragrance in by the essential oils that you  choose then if you know how to crochet make a wash cloth  to go with it.  You can  also make out of the soap nuts dish washing detergent which the website will show you how then once again make a dish cloth by crocheting one with 100 % natural yarn .  The natural crocheted yarn dish cloth really cleans very well.  It is stiffer then most dish cloths so you can really scrub with it to get your  dishes clean.

To make a shampoo out of the soapnuts you just after you have used them for your laundry up to the 5 times you just get a sauce pan you boil about 3 cups a water when it is boiling you place your soapnuts in the pan and lower the heat so it does not boil over you let it simmer for  about 15 to 20 minutes then turn off heat.
Yu let it cool down then strain it and pour it into an air type container with a lid.
That is it but it will not foam much it will take a little bit of time  to get used to.
It will take about a week to two weeks for your hair to learn to adjust to this new form of cleaning your hair. but it will be worth the wait.  You can  make a foamy shampoo/soap by putting a little in a container about a half of a cup and use a hand held blender I used a battery operated blender that I use to make capachino.  You then just place the blender in the container and blend to make the foam and it does foam up a lot but when you go to use it it will not stay thick a foam so it will  take time to get used to but as they say good things come to those who persevere.

I wanted to let you  also know that this natural detergent is also a natural fabric softener so you  are getting two products in one.

This detergent is also antibacterial biodegradable and hypoallergenic.
Take a look at their website You will be amazed with this product.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney   .

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