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Friday, September 9, 2011



One of my friends told me about these gluten free cookies.  I decided to try them
Tates Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are delicious .
They are light Crispy  and a nice treat to have on hand for your friends and family.
No one would know that they are gluten free.
They are located in South Hampton NY  Their telephone number is 1-631-780 6511 and their website is
Serving Size is 1 cookie and it has 80 calories for 1 cookie
It has 6 grams of sugar  in them.
They cost for one bag of cookies 4.99 I  think they are worth it they are really a very good cookie as they say try them you will like them and you will come back for more.
These cookies are all natural they are made up of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, Sugar Chocolate Liquor  Cocoa Butter Milk  Fat soy lecithin ( an emulsifier ) Vanilla Rice Flour Butter Sugar Brown Sugar  Eggs Vanilla Extract Baking Soda Salt Xanthen  and Water
These cookies would be perfect to have in your  child's lunch or have it  for yourself  for an afternoon treat with some nice tea.
I love  that in the late afternoon to wind down from the day sit back and relax with my favorite gluten free  cookies or treats  with  tea.  This is my time to test my favorite goodies that I choose to report to you  on my blog .  I hope you like what you have seen so far on my blog.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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