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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


As you know I have been striving to get more of a list of Avon Products with their ingredients so that Avon Representatives and customers know before they buy  a product what is in the product.
I did receive a gluten free list about a half of a year ago which I am very thankful to have.
This is on one of my blogs.
I wanted to know for new products that have come out how you can find out if the product has any gluten in the product or other known allergies that might make it easier for a customer to purchase one of Avon's products..

I emailed   the higher echelons  with Avon yesterday writing to them about numerous topics one being my allergy concerns for customers that would like to purchase Avon products but do not know the ingredients in them so they are reluctant to buy them other then the ones that I wrote about.

I went to the top to the President's office and was told that you can access the ingredients all you have to do is go to go to the search box type in a product or a category of a product.  I put in there gluten free lipsticks numerous lip sticks came up .  I clicked a few and right there it says ingredients and they have the whole list for you to check out what is in a product.  I never knew that we had this option which is great.

I do not know when they put this in but it is great that they have done this, I have been asking and asking for this and finally it is here.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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