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Sunday, April 15, 2012

                                     WINDRIFTHILL SOAPS AND BATH ACCESSORIES

I found another great website for Soaps Shampoos and Bath Accessories.
They have many soaps,  shampoo bar, s lotions,  bath salts,  and bath oils to choose from
The shampoo bars you can also use as a shaving cream for shaving which is great , the shampoo bars and soaps are only $4.00 a bar which is quite a bargain.
These products are all natural and the main ingredient is Goat's Milk
They have some really nice accessories for bath needs.  They have crocheted  wash cloths, all natural crocheted  cotton dish cloths and all natural scrubbies for dishes, they also have boars head bath brushes.
I purchased the Carrot Aloe Shampoo Bar,  an all natural fiber  dish  cloth that can be used up to a year without getting a mold on it and also a boars head bath brush.
All the products were superior in quality.  I loved the Carrot Aloe Shampoo Bar.  It had lots of suds to it and it made my hair have a lot of shine to it.  As I have stated before I now   have short Grey hair so if it is the least bit dry it is going to show.  My hair felt super soft but at the same time had a lot of volume to it.   The Carrot Aloe Shampoo bar is  unscented .  They do have many scents to choose from but for me it has to be unscented with my reactions to scented products.
This company is great if you have friends or relatives or maybe even your self that have allergy needs to skin care this is the place to go to.  They have everything you can think of to make up a nice present for them without breaking the bank but showing that you  care about their needs.
Their website is, they are located in Montana, their telephone number is 1 406 278 5872
This company I really love their prices are fantastic and the quality of their products really show through in their products .  I want you to know I do not work for this company I wish I did their products are in a word amazing.
The Carrot Aloe Shampoo bar left my skin and hair feeling squeaky clean but at the same time well moisturized.
They also sent out to me a sample of their Body Butters which was an Apricot one.  it is great it is rich in emollients  and instantly sinks into the skin.
You will love all their products I know I do and will keep on coming back for more.
I just wish they also had an all natural clothes detergent then it wold truly be one stop shopping but for now  what they do  have  is great.,  I just want to say thank you to them for having such great products and having it at affordable prices.  

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney 

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