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Thursday, April 26, 2012


                                                    GLUTEN FREE BEAUTY WEBSITE

I discovered a very nice website for Anti Aging Products that are Gluten Free
The person that is the owner of this website also has food Intolorances and Celiac disease
After she experimented with a lot of products that she would have reactions to she decided to start making her own products.
Her website is
She has a Facial Smoothing  Stick that is to die for.  It works particularly well with the Mineral Powder make up
I use it with My Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation and it looks great.
It makes my make up have a more finished look to it, almost like  a professional has done it when it is only me
I get many raves from it.
You just wash your face with your favorite cleanser put your moisturizer on then take out your Facial Smoothing Stick.  Put the stick on where you might have some  wisdom lines around your mouth and around your eyes and forehead,  then sweep over with your Mineral Foundation and you  are done put your lip stick on, perfume  get dressed for the day and go  out  the door .  You will be looking like you can conquer anything for the day .  You will feel it inside and out
For the men in the group you can also use this for you just shave in the morning and you can take out this stick and put it in on your wisdom lines if you have any and you will be set for the day .  She does give you a little sponge to blend it in and you  are set.  .
She does have other anti Aging Products this is just my favorite one

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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