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Friday, April 6, 2012

                                                      THE   IMAGE BEAUTY COMPANY

I just discovered this company and the best part for shampoos and conditioners they have a gluten free line.
The line is their AG line.
I tried their volumizing AG Shampoo and it was great.  I have very short straight hair and I have a lot of it but it is fine in many shampoos after shampooing it looks flat.  I saw that their shampoo was gluten free and even states this on the bottle and they are all natural and full of natural botanical s
I just ordered their volume  light conditioner and their volume  hair gel I can not wait to try these out.
The website is, they are located in New Jersey and their telephone number is 1-856 335- 0415.
The products range from $9.00 on up ,   I think they are well worth it.  The Volume Shampoo had a nice light scent to it which at first I was a little bit concerned because usually if it has a scent I break out in hives from it but with this product I did not, it   left my hair soft full of volume and very shinny.
The customer service staff is great they are very helpful for members in the gluten free world.
You have got to try out these products they are really very good and gluten free.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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