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Thursday, April 26, 2012


                                                       ORGREENIC FRYING PANS

I just bought the Orgreenic Frying Pans ,   they do take a long time to come in but  they are worth the weight
these pans are fantastic.
My husband said to me that he bought me these pans to have it separate from our regular pans.  He said  with the different color you will know which pans to use and this way it will not have an accidental gluten exposure.  I was very happy to get them any way because by the commercial they seemed great.
They are more then I thought they would be, the ease with cooking is magnificent.  I have made many things with them and best of all it is one pan from stove to oven.

I make in the mornings a fantastic dish I  toast some gluten free bread about three or four slices place in the bottom of the pan  then put in about a cup of shredded Spinach 1 tomato  1 sliced avocado 1 sliced cooked chicken breast I put it on top of the toast at the bottom of the pan.  then I scramble 6 eggs and put in 1 half of a cup of Vanilla Almond Milk
I cook that in the pan until the edges with the eggs have formed then i put in about a cup of shredded cheese let it sit for minute then transform it to the preheated oven pan and all for 15 minutes.    This is at 350 degrees
Take it out of the oven of course making sure you use an oven mit and cut into four slices.

The clean up is a snap you just put a little soap and water  rinse it off wipe it down with  a paper towel
think about it melted cheese in an oven coming right off this does not happen and to have one pan for everything

I am going to try next making a pizza with it I love  love it the website is

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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