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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


                                                                      SOAPY SUE WEBSITE

I just wanted to do a second post on this website I love love these products and she has expanded with so many new ones.  she has practically everything but make up
She has soaps, candles lotions creams perfumes solid perfumes Laundry detergent bath salts
if you your self or a family member has issues like me with products this is the place to go.  she has unscented scented products.
The prices are really reasonable  and  economical.
They really work and they are all natural.
I am told by the owner that her daughter and herself both have issues with products that is why she started making these products
The laundry detergent is made from 3 ingredients, it   is made from Washing Soda , Borax and a bar of natural soap that she makes.
Usually I can not have anything with  a scent  in it but with her products I can  use the Rosemary Mint scent which is just in a word magnificent .  It is like a botanical garden to enlighten your scenses with delight.
She just came out with this scent and she just came out with a liquid shampoo.  I tried this and loved  it.
She had given me a sample of the shampoo to try and like I said it was heavenly.
I just ordered the liquid shampoo and the detergent  in the Rosemary scent for both products the cost of it was around $11.75
If you do not see a scent that you would like to have in a product you can email her on her sight and I know she will do her best to come up with that scent.
The website is
I hope you will take a look on her website and see how great these products are.
I do not think  you will be disappointed I know I am not I just think that these products are fantastic and I want her to do well with her products since she works so hard to accommodate customers and to make such high quality products.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney .  

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