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Sunday, August 21, 2011



I thought I  had posted a post about these marvelous cereals, but I just checked my records and I have not
These cereals are amazing and the concept for these cereals is amazing too.
It is perfect for kids and adults with Celiac disease or for people with allergies.
The website is
When you go onto the website there is a three step process to form your very own cereal concoction that at the end you name which is great for when you have children with celiac disease  they get to name the cereal that they have made

First you have a choice of what type of base  you would like to have such as a couple different types of flakes or granola
Then you pick out what type of dried fruits you would like in the cereal and if you would prefer it to be organic
When you make your choice to have it organic or not there really is not much difference in price if you want it to be organic

Then you pick out what nuts or seeds you would like
There are many different choices to choose from for the fruits nuts and seeds and you  can put together any combination yu would like
At the end you get to name your very own blend of cereal and also on the package after you have made up your choices it has all the nutritional values that are in your cereal
I can not give you a cost for this since it is going to be what you come up  .
I love love this company everything is all natural and it is so nice to be able to form a blend that you would like to eat for a snack or for a meal
It is also nice to be in control on what you are eating instead of having it that the disease has the control I can  imagine  when you are a child and you get this disease suddenly all their control on what they want to eat is taken away saying sorry you can not eat that and seeing other kids eating it.  I know when I was little I became a type 1 Diabetic and I had to do a total change in what I was eating  and how to control my Diabetes.  It was very difficult my brothers and sisters were eating everything I used to eat and I could not I had no control with what I was eating.  The  children do have control they get to pick out what they would like and best of all if they are a Celiac and a type 1 Diabetic this is good for both conditions
I wish there was something like this for when I was little I think it would have made it a little bit easier on me and my paarents. 
This approach kind of makes you feel special since it is something that you or your child made up and there is so much to choose from you will never get tired of it
Since you are dealing with Flakes Granola Nuts Fruit Seeds you are getting a bountiful of fiber which is great for us Celiacs and for that matter type 1 Diabetics
The owner of this company is amazing that he thought up of this philosophy.
He is not a Celiac  but he had Celiac friends that had told him that there was not much out there that tasted good and that it was good for them
He came up with this idea and it is now  an online business to help out people with Celiac Disease
Once again the website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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