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Thursday, August 25, 2011



As you know in the past I have posted a lot about being very sensitive to soaps and shampoos..
This time I am writing about that I am also very sensitive to clothes detergents
I even tried the fragrance free store bought  detergents that are out there but in about twenty minutes after doing the laundry and putting a shirt on  I would have a reaction to it.
I would be scratching and have tiny red bumps all over my shoulders back and arms..
I finally had solved my problem with soaps and shampoos now I realized I had to do something better with getting a more natural clothes detergent
Using an eery day store bought fragrance free detergent was not working.
I was thinking now where can I find a natural detergent .
On my blog I saw that someone had posted a comment about my blog saying how much they liked it
I never saw the website before and decided to take a look at it
The website was
I was redirected to a website called No Gluten Natural Girl
They had sub  titles on the left hand side and pictures on the right hand side of   Make up soaps lipsticks shampoos detergents mouthwash  tooth paste and of course all gluten free.  It is nice to have a website that has everything right there to get all your personal items and cleaning items that are gluten free.
The sub titles on the left hand side say things like
Girls stuff
Guys stuff
House hold Stuff this is where the detergents and the house hold cleaners will be
I tried out their detergents and loved them
The clothes came out very soft of course these are all natural and fragrance free
Some how the clothes looked better they looked new again when they were not
The clothes looked brighter and I really could not believe how soft they were
The true test I put one of my shirts on and after about an hour I realized no reaction
The cost of it is $15.00 for a 2lb container and I know you say to yourself this is just to much money but it is really not because it is so concentrated that you use  far less then you would with the regular detergent that you are using and it really cleans much better and best of all no reactions from using the product which is half the battle
I am finally beginning to feel like a happy camper again no skin issues from soaps and shampoos, no issues from using a clothes detergent.
They do have everything there for you in one spot I have not tried all the products but it is nice to have everything there to figure out what you  need in one spot to get your personal items for when you have skin care issues with allergies
Remember this website and try them out to see for yourself how your skin will come back to what it should be
The website again is
1 more thought I thought I would say to you about the detergent, I make my very own crocheted all  cotton natural dish cloths.
The dish cloth I was using was grungy and really dirty after doing all the dishes that I did.  I decided to see how it would do with getting out the stains on it
I was doing a lot of pots and pans so it was really quite dirty.
I put it in the laundry that i was doing and when it came out it was as white as it was after I first made it
You would have never known that I had just done all those pots and pans it looked new again

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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