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Monday, August 8, 2011



As you can see with my blog I have tried out a number of soaps for my dry skin needs and they were all very good but I just found the king of the Mother load or I should say Father load of Soaps.
I came across a soap company called Daddy Jax Soaps I always look into how they got started and with this company it was because of their son.
They were trying to help him out with his skin needs and decided to try to make a soap that he could use that would not bother his skin  and this is how this company came about.
I decided to give them a try and see if this would work for me.
I decided to try the Shea Bar ( Unscented), the Cinnamon Almond and the Honey Bee.
When the package came I decided to be daring and try the Cinnamon Almond first.
I thought this would be a true test since I became a Celiac I usually I can not wear any type of scent in soaps or my skin goes into over drive and I get a fierce reaction and I knew this could happen but I through caution to the wind and thought I would try it.
The scent was marvelous and I became very excited but still skeptical thinking that I will probably still break out or just have very dry skin well quite the opposite happened.
My skin almost came out of hibernation it became alive again.
My skin felt like it just came out of an expensive spa filled with moisturizers and kind of a zen effect
My hands were so soft and supple and they had a glow about them
I really became daring and tried it on my face, usually when I try any of these types of soaps on my face it feels like my face is just cracking in the desert and most of the soaps that I have tried before this were good and moisturized my face but this was way different
The skin on my face looked and felt new it felt like as they say a newborns skin .
My face had a radiance to it my face felt pampered and not just moisturized but nourished from the inside out.
These soaps are more then just natural soaps they are tiny spas in the palm of your hand cleaning and nourishing your skin to sheer blissfulness of well moisturized skin
They are an exceptional treat to your skin
Your skin will go into overdrive but not like I said before in dryness but in sheer delight
They have so many different scents to choose to your  satisfaction.
They do still have unscented to which is the Shea butter but they do have some marvelous scents to choose from

Their website is and their email address is
The telephone number for Daddy Jax Soap is 1 317 721 7627
You have got to try out these soaps they are just like being in a spa in your own bathroom without having to go any where and the cost for these soaps are just 6.95 a bar which is a bargain with how great your skin will look and feel.
I also tried the Cinnamon Almond Soap as a shampoo since it did so well on my skin and my hair was beautiful .It had so much shine to it and it had a lot of volume to it.  I am so impressed with this company., I hope you try out these soaps and see for your self how they really work to make your skin come a live and become what your skin used to be but even better than before your skin became dry and irritated.
Go to their website now and try these soaps let your friends and relatives know how great these soaps are so they don't have to suffer needlessly with dry skin
Next time you have a friend or relative that has a birthday coming up or an anniversary go to this website and purchase some of these great soaps and your friend s or relatives will thank you for getting them their own spa in the palm in their hands
The packaging to these soaps is simple but the soap it self is priceless your friends and relatives will know you thought of them to send out the best quality in a soap for them to try
They will think of you each time they pick up their very own spa in their hands   from Daddy Jax Soaps.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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