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Wednesday, August 31, 2011



Nutribiotic Super Shower gels is an all over moisturizing, hypoallergenic soap  free gel that moisturizes your skin and hair
it comes in fragrance free fruit or Vanila Chai scents This product has Grape Fruit  Seed Extract in it.  I do like this product very much
It is free of sodium lauryl sulfate it is free of chlorine derivatives colorings and paraben preservatives
It has plant moisturizers in it.  If you do not like the whole idea of shampoo bars this is not  one .  It's an all liquid gel that has 12 oz. and is super moisturizing for an all over head to foot spa like feel to it
The website is
Once you go on the website go to the heading of Body Care then go to The Nutribiotic Shower Gels
I chose the Fragrance Free Shower Gel since I am usually allergic to everything that has a scent to it.  I can have a few products that have scents in them but not many
I tried it out on my hair it was very nice it lathered very well and my hair was soft shinny and so far no reaction, always a plus with no reactions
I am impressed with this product it did  a great job and it is also all natural .
I like once again a product that does everything all in one.
I think you will be amazed with this product.
They also do have regular  moisturizing shampoos and conditioners but they  are not fragrance free
Once again the website is 
I just tried the Nutribiotic Fruit Conditioner and it was fantastic.
I had done a Henna coloring on my hair and my hair from it was a little bit fried from it I tried the conditioner and instantly my hair was like it  just got a jolt of steroids it  was soft and full of volume. I did not leave it in for very long it  was just a rinse through the difference was like night and day.   The shine to it is amazing and with the Henna the highlights are stunning you will love this product.
The Nutribiotic Shampoo Gel and Conditioner are like having a powerful boost in hair care .  The combination is like a knock out punch your hair is clean soft manageable and full of volume and shine all the aspects  of what you want in hair care .  T.he best part is that it is all natural

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

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