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Friday, August 19, 2011



I am writing this blog for members that are Type 1 Diabetics
I don't know if you have ever  heard of The Dexcom Continuous Glucose Meter but it is outstanding
It is a meter that reads your blood sugars continuously for a week then you have to put in another transmitter on.
This systems helps you out so much what you do is when you get the system you set it up putting in the date and time
Then you charge what I call the control pad initial charging can take up to three hours  then you get your transmitter this goes into your stomach.
This device goes in by a inch long needle once it is in your stomach you take out the needle and a Teflon  needle stays in for about a week  This sounds painful but it is not it just feels like a slight pick that is it at least  this  is the way I describe it and when it goes in it goes in by an applicator..
Then you put your sensor in and snap it in place, then you  get your control panel and push the button that says start sensor this will take about close to three hours to be able to start recording blood sugars
Your Dexcom will beep at you and it will want two blood sugars  from your regular meter.  You put these in one at a time. It will then start measuring your blood sugars but you do have to put in your control panel what your doctor  wants as your high level for instance my doctor wants mine at 200 so if my blood sugars goes  over 200 the control panel will beep at me and say check blood sugar with your regular meter to make sure you are truly high.  the Dexcom system is very reliable but there is always a chance that it might  give you  a false high or low blood sugar so if you have an alarm go off for high or low you must test on a regular blood glucose machine to make sure of your results .  I have never had it that my device has given me a false reading.
After you  have done all this your Dexcom system will read your blood sugars continuously.
In the morning and in the evening you will have to put in a blood sugar to calibrate your Dexcom system.with your regular blood glucose machine .
I love the Dexcom system I can not tell you how much it has helped me.  I used to have to test 15 times a day because I had hypoglycemic unawareness and also when my blood sugars were high I did not know it
A couple of times my blood sugars were over 500 and i did not know it I had no symptoms at all .  I also had blood sugars that were almost in the passing out stage they were in the 20's still I had no symptoms to tell me I was in trouble..
My A1C's were good they were in the 600's but my doctor was afraid that if someone was not at home to help me out with a low blood sugar I could have serious health issues so he decided that I should be on this device.
Some health insurances are hard to get this approved mine was one of them but I would not take no for an answer.
I wrote letters stating why I needed it and called them every day until it was approved and I really feel that this device has saved my life
Once I got it approved I called my doctor's office to thank him in getting this approved he stated you know it was not me it was you they said no to me it was your perseverance in getting it approved that did it
I also like this company because once you decide to try out this system you call them and say I want to try this out.  In most cases they will go to your doctor's office and have you try it out for a week to see if this is for you.  When I tried it out I almost cried when I had to give back my loaner.  I said to the nurse can't I keep this one until mine is approved and she laughed and said no
You can reach the Dexcom company by dialing 1 877 339 2664 and push option 2 they will take your information and set up an appointment for you to try it out
Their website  is
This system is the best it lets you know if there is a problem with your blood sugars before it is a problem for instance I have my blood sugar setting for when I am low for 70 so it will beep at me when it goes to 70 which is great it is a lot better then having blood sugars in the 20's
I feel much better
The training is easy, my son I tried to get him one of the systems for his blood sugars he does not test as much as he should
I thought he would not be a happy camper  but he did try it out and you know what he loved it
He said it is easy it is almost fun and it makes his college life a lot easier to deal with.
He said this is great I don't have to test accept when I get up in the morning and when I go to bed at night
I also want to let you know that this system will give you blood sugars for about a week then you have to take off the transmitter and put a new one on.  You take out the sensor and put it into the new  transmitter  and start all over again
You do have to charge it probably about twice a week and you have to have the control panel no more then 5 feet away from you or else it iwll beep at you and say that you are out of range for blood sugars
Animus Insulin Pumps are working hand in with Dexcom to have it that they will work together as one
This is already done in Europe but believe me even though they do not work as one it is not difficult at handle both devices
Just to let you know that the control panel is not very big it is probably about 3 and half inches long it  is oval shaped  .  I put mine in my pocket and no one knows it is there unless it beeps
I think you will like this system what have you got to lose you might just  like me feel better and have better A1C's for your blood sugar control
To me this system makes it not a job  to have diabetes, it puts you in control instead of the opposite so call Dexcom now and try it out, call Dexcom now at 1877 339 2664 option 2

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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