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Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Canyon Bake House Breads are finally coming to Pennsylvania
The company found a distributor for the Pennsylvania area
I ordered a case from Holly Hill Health Food Store
they are located at      1200 Welsh Rd
                                 North Wales Pa  19454
                                 215 361 7770
Their hours of operation are Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday 10-6 Thursday and Friday 10 - 9 and Sundays 11:00AM - 5 PM
The Canyon Bake House San Juan Bread will be at Holly Hill Health Food Store on Thursdday afternoon of this week
This bread is outstanding it is soft like real bread and it is almost the same size as real bread this is my ultimate favorite gluten free bread
Holly Hill Health Food Store at the Montgomery Coomons Shopping Center  is trying out this bread in their store so let them know you want it .  This is the only store in Pennsylvania that is carrying this bread
We have to let them know we want this bread so that it can come into other stores.
If this store is not close to you please find a health food store that is close to you call that store ask them if they would try bringing in this bread
If they say we do not have a distributor to bring it in Pennsylvania all you have to do is let them know that a fairly new distributor company has come in and they do carry the bread.  The name of the distributor company is Garden Spot Distributors.  they are located in New Holland PA, their telephone number is 1800 829 5100
The store that you have called will ask you if you want a whole case in most cases you will not have to buy a whole case just tell them up front you only want 1 loaf in most cases they will say that they prefer you buy two loaves.  this is not bad you figure if you had it delivered it would be more money then the two loaves
I am so excited that we can have this bread in Pennsylvania

The website has many specials and sales  and some of them are free shipping so when you place order for them always look at their items that are on sale you might see free shipping for the item you want
I also wanted to let you know that their gluten free lipsticks are fantastic .  They ware very well and last a long time and they can be used as a blush also just put a dot or two on your cheeks and rub in You have instant blush has come out with a Reality Conditioning shampoo bar you have a choice of having it with a coloring Henna bar or just a very rich herbal Conditioning bar.  I chose the Reality Herbal
conditioning  shampoo bar and it was great.  they also have a leave in conditioner called Smile which I really love  It is a very rich moisturizing leave in conditioner that you put a tiny dot in the palm of your  hand rub it in your hands after you towel dry your hair depending on how long your hair is and massage it into your hair.
My hair came out soft shinny and full of volume from both products  Still my ultimate favorite soap company you have got to try this soap my skin is back to normal and looks new again.  I also like this company because they do have an option for shipping that is free of charge so the only cost is the cost of the soap which is 6.95 plus tax.  I do not know of any company that has this option.  The soap feels like you are bathing with a soap and a cream.  I also use this soap as a shampoo and conditioner.  It is so nice to have one product that takes care of all my needs

I will be doing some more reviews on some new products this week and will let you know about them

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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