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Saturday, August 20, 2011



I rediscovered my favorite gluten free flat bread sandwich wrap
These are really fantastic and do not need refrigeration.  they can be stored up to a month but I know once you have tried these sandwich wraps they will not be sitting on the counter they will be gone in no time at all.
Your friends and family that do not have Celiac disease will be jealous of you  they are that good
I bet if you did an experiment and put these out for your friends or family they would be gone in a second but I would not recommend doing this because you will want them for your self
They are not just good tasting but they are good for you too.
They have 10 Ancient grains in each tortilla
They have prebiotics to aid in digestive health
They have heart healthy Omega 3's in each tortilla
They are also loaded with fiber with all this in them they taste magnificent .
They are also allergen free
They come in three different flavors
My ultimate favorite Spinach Garlic Pesto
                               Chimayo Red Chille
                               Agave Grain
These tortillas  are also very good if you are also a type 1 diabetic with all the fiber they have in them
They come in three packages for a total of 36 tortillas 12 in each package
The website is, their email address is
They do cost 25.00 but they are worth every   penny you will be glad you tried them
I am working in trying to get them in Pennsylvania stores they are based in Colorado

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

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